Mystery Solved: August 2017 Mystery Tool Answers

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August 2017 Mystery Tool A

Meat cutter/sausage grinder. Usually secured to a board or mounted to a bench or similar piece. Used to reduce chunks or strips of meat into smaller pieces. Identified by Charles Asmussen, Trappe, Md.; Jack L. Kalp, Acme, Pa.; Richard Bader, Middletown, N.Y.; Leonard Keifer, Gaithersburg, Md.; Jake Ferrari, Newry, Pa.; Mike Russell, Columbia, Mo.; Randall Marquis, Tacoma, Wash.; Sam Schoenhals, Ridgecrest, Calif.; and Fred Briehl, Penobscot, Maine. See Patent no. 24,593. Photo submitted by Frank Kuehl, Neenah, Wis.

Patent no. 24,593: Meat cutter. Patent granted to John G. Perry, Kingston, R.I., Aug. 2, 1859.

August 2017 Mystery Tool B

Hay tool used with a hay carrier and hay sling. Identified by Robert Scholz, Elmo, Mo., Bill Reeb, Westerville, Ohio; and Mark Williams, Pandora, Ohio. See Patent no. 739,901. Photo submitted by Russ Hackett, Foley, Minn.

Patent no. 739,901: Hay tool. Patent granted to Philip A. Myers, Ashland, Ohio, assignor to F.E. Myers & Bro., Ashland, Ohio, Sept. 29, 1903.

August 2017 Mystery Tool C

No positive identification, but piece appears to be a motionconverting device used to convert oscillation to rotation. By pressing on a spring returning foot peddle in a rapid manner, a flat belt around the large round wheel would drive a low-horsepower tool such as a stone wheel grinder or a jig saw, or possibly lathes and polishers used by a watchmaker or a dentist’s drill. Identified by Dick Kates, Oakland, Iowa; John Wilding, Hermann, Mo.; Mike Russell; Randall Marquis; and William Ellis, Farmingdale, Maine. “An interesting thing about this unit is that, at 80 pounds, it seems that it ought to power an adult’s machine, but the narrow stirrup that you put your foot through to pedal it is very narrow,” John notes. “It looks better suited for a lady’s or child’s foot.” See Patent no. 316,789. Photo submitted by Raymond Dietrich, Conklin, Mich.

Patent no. 316,789: Device for converting motion. Patent granted to Henry R. Keiper, Lancaster, Pa., April 28, 1885.

August 2017 Mystery Tool D

Weeding tool. Designed to cut a plant’s roots by shoving the sharp end under the plant, or by pulling the throat around the trunk and pulling. Photo submitted by Harry Patnode, Marlborough, N.H.

August 2017 Mystery Tool E

Unidentified. Likely used to move logs in water, as suggested by Robert Scholz. Several readers suggested that the piece might be a bark spud. In that the tool’s working end is just 1 inch wide, that application is possible, but it would be slow going. Photo submitted by Frank Kuehl, Neenah, Wis.

August 2017 Mystery Tool F

Machine for making speedometer and tachometer housing and cores. The crank machine rolled and crimped the ends on the housing from bulk stock. The other piece is a cutter for the core cable and also to square the ends. Identified by Mike Russell. Photo submitted by Jake Ferrari, Newry, Pa.

Remember this?

Ellis Hayes, Sulphur Rock, Ark., believes Item B from June 2017 to be a hypsometer, “probably from a high school physics lab.” A hypsometer is defined as an instrument used to measure height or elevation, using principles of trigonometry and atmospheric pressure.

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