Mystery Solved: July 2017 Mystery Tool Answers

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July 2017 Mystery Tool A

Unidentified. Photo submitted by Ram Cnaan, Philadelphia, Pa.

July 2017 Mystery Tool B

Wrench used in applying and removing tire bolts to or from the vehicle wheels; clamps the bolt to hold it from turning and revolve the nut for the purpose of threading or unthreading it. Identified by Steve Mitchell, Elm City, N.C.; Art Push, Kennard, Neb.; Gary Studebaker, Larwill, Ind.; John Kelso, Prescott, Ontario, Canada; Richard Bader, Middletown, N.Y.; Ron Nahrwold, New Haven, Ind.; Tom Nelson, Douglas, Okla.; and Larry Mack, Milan, Ill. See patent 379,504. Photo submitted by Bill Ernest, Caney, Kan.

Patent no. 379,504: Wrench. Patent granted to John Byrne, Sharon, Wis., assignor to himself and Charles R. Treat, of same place, March 13, 1888.

July 2017 Mystery Tool C

Unidentified. Photo submitted by Alda Milner via email.

July 2017 Mystery Tool D

Egg scale and candler. A small portion of the scale is visible in the photo showing where the egg rests on the scale. Identified by Richard Bader. “This machine graded eggs,” he says. “It also had direct light to shield eyes when candling eggs.” See design patent D105,970. Photo submitted by Brian Kopenhefer via email.

Design patent no. D105,970: Egg scale. Patent granted to Ellis E. Powell, Seattle, Wash., Sept. 7, 1937.

July 2017 Mystery Tool E

Bone marrow spoon/scoop used to remove marrow from large beef bones for consumption by humans. Photo submitted by Janice Cleland via email.

July 2017 Mystery Tool F

Possibly a rosette iron, used in making cookies. Photo submitted by George Parmalee, Bethlehem, Conn.

Remember this?

Keith Wick, Winfred, S.D., respectfully disagrees with the opinion of Sam Schoenhals (in the July 2017 issue of Farm Collector) that Item B in the May 2017 issue was misidentified. He sent
photos of ring expanders, including this set made by the Wilde Tool Co.

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