Ever Seen Anything Like This Concrete Trough?

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Our archeologist and staff recently found a historic concrete trough circled inside with rebar. The trough is located in a cemetery dedicated in 1884; the cemetery is adjacent to a flowing creek in Harris County, Texas. We have not found the date of construction. The circular rebar is covered with an X-pattern. The trough measures about 3 feet by 4 feet; there is hand-made brick under the trough. We estimate the trough to weigh more than 300 pounds.

We’d like to date the trough, identify the usage and purpose of its location, and erect a small educational marker nearby. It is located on high ground above a small creek. It is near a water mill that was in use from 1838-’74. No one in the county knew the trough existed, and no one knows anything about its construction.

If anyone has information on the history of the trough, its construction or the time period represented by the rebar, please contact us.

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