Fairbanks-Morse Engine Resource Needed

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I have asked the usual suspects and still have not found details that would seemingly be easy to find. I have a 1919 Fairbanks-Morse engine, 1-1/2 HP throttler, and need technical details regarding the governor gear-train assembly, plus magneto info. Everyone I’ve written or talked to only has knowledge so “deep,” or won’t divulge info/pictures. I’ve tried mag service shops, Hit-n-Miss Enterprises, Smokstak.com, et al.

If you know of a person that would be willing to converse with me specifically about this more-common Fairbanks-Morse engine, I would really appreciate the reference. For reference, here are some so-so pictures of the assembly in question. Mark Rembis, Albuquerque, NM; winscotts@spinn.net.

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