1914 Z1 Peerless 25-75 HP Steam Engine: Young Brothers Enjoy Steamer

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This 1914 Z1 Peerless steam engine is owned by Anthony Marsilio, 9, an avid young steamer.
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The 1914 Z1 Peerless steam engine also interests David Marsilio,7, who is himself the owner of a 1910 Case 32-110.

The photos in this article’s image gallery find brothers Anthony and David Marsilio at home with a 1914 Z1 Peerless 25-75 HP steam traction engine.

At 9 and 7 years old, Anthony and David, of Youngstown, Ohio, are members of perhaps the most exclusive club of steamers – the very young. Inspired by the story of 12-year-old Danielle Somerville piloting her family’s 75 HP Case steam engine (in the last Steam Traction issue), the boys got their father, Hank Marsilio, to take some photos of them in their favorite setting – with Anthony’s 1914 Z1 Peerless engine.

That’s a big engine for anyone, but hold on, because young David lays claim to a 1910 Case 32-110! The Marsilio family is deeply rooted in steam, of course, and the boys have even displayed their engine at school for show-and-tell. Talk about educational interactions.

Anthony sent us a short description of his engine and love of steam, telling us in his letter, “Even though many of these beauties were made, we have one of an estimated 20 Z1s left. I love steam, and I think of them as my family. We have 11 big engines and many models. My favorites are Peerless, Canadian Pacific, Porter, Case, Rumely, Advance, Reeves and Aultman & Taylor.”

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