1919 Minneapolis

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P. O. Box 79 Campden, Ontario L0R 1G0

This photo shows a 1919 20 HP Minneapolis traction engine,
serial #8266, Ohio Boiler #141. The engine is owned by Dennis and
Marjory Webb of RR #1, Vineland, Ontario.

The engine was originally purchased by a group of twelve
Mennonite farmers in the Rushville, Indiana, area. It was used for
threshing, grinding grain, and sawmill work until 1942. A second
owner bought it then, and used it on a saw mill ’til 1962.

Evert Huber of Brookville, Indiana, bought it in 1963 and used
it every year to thresh six to eight farms until May of 1968, when
it was sold to the Webbs.

It has been a fine show piece for several shows in this part of
Southern Ontario ever since.

Dennis Webb is a past president of the Milton Steam Era Show,
one of Canada’s largest steam shows.

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