4th Annual Menno Pioneer Power Show

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R.R. #2, Box 70, Freeman, South Dakota 57029

The 4th annual Pioneer Power Show got underway September 15 and
16, 1990 with the best early fall weather we could have ever hoped
for. Community club members were all hurrying about, running
extension cords and setting up booths. Exhibitors and flea market
vendors arriving wondering where to register and set up their
wares. The smell of coal smoke starts to drift across the park from
the steam engines. Everyone is kind of wondering if all the hard
work and days of preparation will pay off.

By 10:00 a.m., or so, visitors to the show were starting to
arrive. Our 65 Case steam engine had steam up and was the first in
the belt of the Avery threshing machine. The afternoon threshing
run is handled nicely by Lee and Dick Burd’s 1913 18 HP Avery
under mounted (pictured below). Both engines performed just fine
with not so much as a loose belt.

The parade was held each day with proud Owners displaying their
fruits of hard labor. It must be noted that most all the entries
were of good quality restoration. Parades are the opportunity for
visitors to show their appreciation to the owners. Probably the
only pay they will get.

The stationary engine display is hopping both days, with engines
sawing, grinding feed, washing clothes, and generating electricity.
It always amazes me that a $10,000 side shaft engine cannot compete
with the crowd when there’s a 1HP engine, with bad paint, that
won’t start nearby.

Kids don’t suffer at our show except to wait for a turn to
ride. Homemade rides are always offered free. Cap Javers of Lennox,
South Dakota is always a big hit with his merry-go-round built from
a horse power.

As all shows are a bit different, the Menno Pioneer Power Show
offers an old fashioned Saturday carnival atmosphere with bandstand
music, dunk tank, bingo, horseshoes, contests and food

Moving the show to September, we added a Toy Show and Sale both
days at the city auditorium and opened the main street stores for
Old Fashioned Saturday Night.

There is no admission to the show at the park and only a small
admission at the toy show. Funds are mainly raised through raffle
tickets, a pancake breakfast and dinner and freewill donations.
This has worked very well for us. Most people realize it takes
quite a bit of money to do a show.

Plans are underway now to make the 1991 show bigger and better,
more things will be added in most all areas. See you there!!!!

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