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410 S. 8th St.,Holland, Michigan 49423

Am enclosing a picture of my half scale Five H.P. Steam Traction
Engine. It’s a free lance resembling a Port Huron simple
cylinder with the exception of rear wheels. This engine has all the
appearance of a factory built engine with all brackets bolted on
boiler such as counter shaft, rear wheels axle shafts and
inter-medium gear and engine bed bearings.

Now for those contemplating building a half size engine, this
makes a nice size to build, so am enclosing size of boiler here
below, as this makes a very easy steaming engine, never lifts the
water or blows over, no matter how hard you pull it, which is a
great advantage, which waves water and fuel. Boiler size diameter
16 in., length of boiler 91 inches, smoke box 12 inches, length of
flues 48% in. by 1% in diameter. 19 flues in number, flue sheet 3/8
in. thick in fire box, 5/16 in. in smoke box, rear boiler head 5/16
in. thick, throat sheet 3/8 in. thick, fire door size 6 x 8 in.
dome size 8 x 9 in. boiler in. thick, crown sheet 5/16 in. thick
with a 2 in. drop at the rear end of fire box, with 18 stay bolts
5/8 in. size. All stay bolts are threaded, riveted, light float
weld for seepage, 4 5/8 size bolts in dome, 6 rows of 6 stay bolts
on each side of fire box, 6 in row, or 72 stay bolts in all, with 9
stays in throat sheet, and the same in rear end of boiler. 1 in of
water clearance on fire box sides and 1 in. clearance on both ends.
Grate size in fire box 25 in by 13 in. or 331 sq. in. of heating
surface or 7 sq. in of grate service to every gallon of water as
boiler holds 45 gals, of water, with glass of water. Cylinder size
4 in. bore by 5 in. stroke.

For size of wheels, rear 39 x 10% in., front wheels 26 x 6 in.
axle (front) VA in. rear axle shaft in 2 in. of diameter. Boiler
Hydrostated tested at 240 lbs. sq. in. cold water.

Last, but not least, to the builders of Model Traction Steam
engines, be sure and use all new material, and a good grade of
steel boiler plate for boiler.

I started operating steam engines and threshers in the year
1913, so now if I blew my whistle too much, just let the steam go

In regard to your Iron Men Album, we enjoy it very much and
think it is one of the best.

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