A Dumb OI’ Country Boy

I’m just a dumb ol country boy, that
ain’t so very smart;
When I talk 1 get mixed up, my gears
are hard to start;
It seems I don’t have many brains, like
other folks I know,
And when it comes to society, my
dumbness there I show.

I tried to put the dog on once; I gave
my boots a shine;
I pressed my suit, I bought a tie, I sure
looked mighty fine;
But when I mixed with that high crowd,
my knees began to knock;
I stood there like an old hound dog, with
all the high class stock.

I went down to the jail-house once, to
witness for The Lord;
I told them how The Lord saved me;
they sure looked mighty bored;
They nudged each other, and they
smiled, I heard them say, ‘He’s dumb,’
But they stayed in and I walked out,
when leavin’ time had come.

I’m just a dumb ol’ country boy, and
hope I’ll always be
Just dumb enough to trust The Lord,
for all eternity.
So I’ll just keep a-travelin’ on, no brains,
and not too smart;
Still a dumb ol’ country boy, with
Jesus in my heart.

Sent in by C. L. Pearce, 316 Carrie St. Saulte St. Marie,
Michigan 49783. (Mr. Pearce says he has memorized this poem Anna

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