866 N. Bowie, San Benito, Texas

A little run down of my part in the steam engine experiences as
a young guy at age 16, about 1908 in North Dakota about 20 miles
north of Edgley and for every year until 1921, when I moved to
Texas and did not pull another throttle until July 1956 at the
Saskatoon show. As engineer on a Case 25-75 steamer, I saw many
thousands of bushels of grain threshed with a Humming-bird Wood
Bros. 40-60. Also we used a Red River Special in 1920 and 1921. We
also did many thousands of acres of plowing, my brother and I.

It was hard work keeping that Case hot with 10 John Deere plows
behind it. I remember one October 1914, we threshed 5400 bushels of
barley in 10 hours, made 4 settings on 160 acres. We used 10 bundle
teams. I look back 40 to 50 years and do not regret being a part of
what I saw done with steam. I am now again in the steam

Last August 28, 1958, I bought a Case 12-36 hp. from Mr. Paul
Woodruff of Ponca City, Oklahoma. I am restoring it and it will be
in good shape. It will be my plaything now that I’ve sold my
Diesel craters and have retired to take it easy at age of 66. I
hope to take in one of the reunions next summer. Many people here
in this area have never seen a steam engine, and I hope to show my
Case 12 hp. built in 1912 and maybe put it in parades. It is
interesting to read the letters telling of the experiences of some
of these old engineers.

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