By Staff

In March we received this word from Mr. Jonas H. Williams, 401
S. Main St., Burrien Springs, Michigan.

‘Shame on you, Elmer. Page 17, March-April 1960 IRON-MEN
ALBUM, a picture of a steam Engine at least 35 to 40 years old. The
caption says, ‘Its condition is as good as new’. I say this
is impossible. Like a man prominent in steam circles thinks it
practical to carry same pressure in boilers of the same age as when

I have an idea you will not care to publish this.’

The above is self-explanatory. We don’t mind publishing it
but the explanation is more difficult. We heartily agree with
Jonas. However, we live in an age in which there is so much we say
that we don’t mean literally.

The Radio, TV, and Advertising all use superlatives and we know
they can’t be what they say. We all just fall into the same
habit and think nothing about it. We knew a printer who never got
through the third grade in school. He was an excellent printer. A
bill advertising a dance was given him to print. The word terrific
was used to describe the dance. He did not know what the word meant
and so looked it up in the dictionary. He found it meant
terrifying. He did not think the dance would be that bad and so he
questioned the writer.

Yes, Jonas, we are wrong literally, (although I was not the
author of the statement), but in the spirit of it I think all
understood — I HOPE. –Elmer

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