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View of the Dake 'square-piston'' stationary steam engine. Courtesy of Ed Richards, Wawota, Saskatchewan, Canada
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View of the Dake 'square-piston'' stationary steam engine. Courtesy of Ed Richards, Wawota, Saskatchewan, Canada

Wawota, Saskatchewan, Canada

I have been a faithful reader of the Iron Men magazine for the
past several years and I look forward to each new issue. My
interest in older gasoline and steam engines stems from many years
of experience operating and repairing these mechanical devices.
About a dozen years ago I began to collect tractors and engines of
the stationary type and started to restore them in my spare time.
When I retired from farm work, I expanded my collection by
including automobiles and various farm implements and have since
devoted my time to restoring my collection.

One of the more unique items included in my collection, of which
I am enclosing two photographs, is a Dake ‘square-piston’
stationary steam engine. Steam at 100 P.S.I., is used to bear
against a piston surface area 2’x7′ and with a stroke of
2′, develops approximately 5 H.P. This engine was used for
pumping water into the tender of a large traction engine. With the
piston being rectangular it requires careful shimming to achieve a
satisfactory steam seal between the piston and the block. I
understand that there are only a few examples of this style of
steam engine in existence today, and I would be delighted to
correspond with anyone who has had some experience with one of
these engines.

My collection also includes a George White 28-80 steam traction
engine, a 12-20 Heider, a 27-44 Twin city, a 16-30 Rumley Oil Pull,
a 10-20 Titan, a 17-30 Minneapolis B and many others. My stationary
gas engines, numbering approximately 160 in all, includes a 5 H.P.
Sitckney, a 25 H.P. Marshall, and a Fuller and Johnson VA. H.P.
pumping unit. I have also been restoring a 1914 Model T. Ford car.
The car runs well now and I have taken it for several short

I enjoy visiting with other collectors and would welcome anyone
who wished to drop in to see me when they are in my area.

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