A Report on the 1956 N T A Reunion

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View taken from the top of a separator at the 1956 Reunion of the National Threshers Association, Montpelier, Ohio. The picture tells its own story.

ALL ROADS, INCLUDING the new Ohio Turnpike, seemed to lead to
Montpelier, Ohio, the last three days of June, 1956. The 12th
annual Reunion of the National Threshers Association, Inc., was
held at the Williams County Fair Grounds during those days, and it
appeared to chalk up two records one for the number of fine engines
exhibited, both large and small, and two, for the enthusiastic
crowd enjoying the engines, the beautiful grounds, and the ideal

Besides many engines new to the Reunion, we were honored by the
presence of a large delegation from Maryland, and many other states
were represented. Our master of ceremonies, A. E. Rixmann, came
from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The presence of ladies of The National Thresherwomen TNT was
shown in the women’s programs, at tended by over 500, at the
get-acquainted teas Thursday and Friday afternoons, and in the
floats for the parades Friday night and Saturday afternoon,
decorated by TNT.

At the annual meeting Thursday evening, charter member ribbons
were awarded to 40 men who joined the Association when it was
organized on the Blaker farm, June, 1948. (Three previous meetings
had been held before organization was decided upon). At the annual
meeting, memorial services were held for 33 members who had passed
away since the 1955 Reunion.

The secretary has not had time to tabulate the new membership,
but judging by the long lines waiting to be registered, many new
members will be added to the file. We welcome hem to membership in
the oldest and largest organized steam fan group in the world, and
invite them and all other members and friends to attend the 13th
annual Reunion, to be held in the same place, June 29, 30, and July
1, 1957. We agree with the words of the editor of the IRON-MEN
ALBUM, when he said it seems that each Reunion can’t be
improved upon, but the next is always better. So we pledge our best
efforts to make the 1977 REUNION the BEST YET, meanwhile doing all
we can to ‘KEEP UP THE STEAM.’

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