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I have been a subscriber to the Album since 1951 but have never
written in about anything. We have powered our sawmill with steam
for 54 years using Gaar Scott, Robinson, Aultman-Taylor, Advance,
Baker and Case engines. The last engine was a ’75’ Case No.
34298. When I got this engine I wrote to the Case Co. and they said
this engine was built in 1917 and sold new in 1920. I still have
that letter. This ’75’ Case had a Canadian type boiler with
a high lap seam triple riveted boiler with 7/16 inch boiler plate.
This engine powered our sawmill for 19 years. We had a fully
enclosed shed, so we could saw in all kinds of weather. We had a
crew of five men working full time so we sawed all year round
winter and summer. In these 19 years we spent $325.00 for repairs.
We took good care of it, used plenty of cylinder oil and cleaned
the boiler at least once a week. My engineer said if we took that
engine out he would quit. So then after these 19 years we put in an
automatic mill and electricity and our engineer did quit. Now the
Holp boys said no one ever made a living with a Case. We made a
good living for us and five more men. When we took the Case out we
sold it to Mr. Wm. Clem of Manasas. Virginia. As far as I know he
still has it. There was a full page picture in the 1964 December
issue of Engineers and Engines, and a write up about it. I
don’t think anyone can beat that. I am sure all make engines
did the work they were made for. I am not running down any
particular engines. I hope you can read this, I am a little shaky
with my writing. I am now 82 years old.

We still have an Advance Rumely 20 HP No. 15091 built in 1920.
My neighbor bought it new in 1920. I have all the original papers
that came with it. It is a good engine. We just use this for shows.
We did thresh with it a few years.

I am a charter member of the Pioneer Engineers Club of Indiana.
We have our show at Rushville, Indiana each year. I was the first
treasurer of that club and served in that capacity for 25
consecutive years.

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