A Trip To The Fall Festival

Oregon, Missouri

THIS YEAR OUR TOWN decided to put on a Fall Festival. There was
one section devoted to antiques and I was asked to bring my steam
engine. I live about four miles from town so made arrangements with
a man with a huge truck to haul it for me. In the meantime I began
cleaning the engine, getting the grease all off of it and painting
and polishing it up. Time was getting short and several people
offered to help and not only the members of my own family but
neighbors as well. I had two whistles on it. When we were unloaded
in town I blew both whistles and in a short time had a large crowd
around the engine.

People looked it over, blew the whistles and asked a lot of
questions. I stayed with the engine for most, of the next three
days and there were people around it all the time. As well as ask
questions, they took pictures from every angle.

Thursday was the first day and the engine was decorated with
blue ribbons. On Saturday I drove the engine in the parade which
consisted of floats and people in pioneer costumes. Saturday night
a pageant was given depicting the history of Holt County showing
events from the settlement of the country to present time. This
event consisted of over one hundred persons and was staged on the
athletic field. There was an episode showing how grain was
threshed, showing the harvest hands coming to dinner all riding the
rack wagon, also a scene showing the men seated at the dinner
table. The engine was used in this episode. The committee in charge
of the festival told me ‘Your engine was the greatest
attraction of the fair.’ Many people had never seen anything
like it before and they enjoyed looking it over. I have been asked
to bring the engine to the Annual Festival for next year in
September. My engine is number 14034.

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