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New Huber, 16 hp No. 3867, built in 1896, pulling between two stacks on Leonard L. Rynda farm, one-half mile west of Montgomery, Minn. Owned by Joseph T. Rynda, Jr., Montgomery, Minn.
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The ladies cut the bands at Steam Engine Joe's Threshing Bee, Montgomery, Minn., Oct. 8, 1950. Case Agitator 32-44 No. 8920
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A 1907, 9 HP Fowler traction engine in A-1 condition. Boiler still goodfor140 lbs. which is her original pressure. Own ed by Mr. F. P. Middleton, Low Hill, Hartlebury, Worc., England.

Contains over 200 illustrations of nearly as many different types of wagons, carriages and similar vehicles. Each is shown in clear detail, with descriptions giving history, dimensions, colors, use and other details.

This book is the first ever to meet the many requests for such historical Americana. With the horse-drawn vehicle now vanishing except in a few small towns or in the ‘horse set,’ this authoritative volume captures and preserves an aspect of American life that appeals to a wide public.

Illustrated entirely from original designs used by actual carriage and wagon makers, the book is authentic beyond dispute.

The boys have learned young to love a steam engine. Anybody who has two boys like that and a steamer could hardly want more of this worlds goods unless it would be more of the same.

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