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The Walking Beam engine built by John W. Stackwell, 511 Fremont Street, Bronson, Michigan.
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JUST A TOY. It doesn't look like much but it should give you an idea, of what it is supposed to be. Robert L. Johnson, 1433 Fifth Ave., Terrre Haute, Indiana, says he built this himself when he was six years old. The separator did have several little pull

511 Fremont Street, Bronson, Michigan

I HAVE BEEN Interested in steam engines since I was a kid. Our
neighbor had a Nichols & Shepard 18 hp. engine and a Nichols
& Shepard separator. He did all our threshing for years. The
engine was a double cylinder, side mounted. His name was Dud
Benton, south of Bronson, Michigan.

I have built a few small engines myself. The first was in 1942.
It was an oscillating engine. Later I built a small double, 1 bore
and about 2 stroke. I also built one 7/8 bore
1 stroke with the valve built in the main crank shaft. There is
also a small engine and reversing turbine at the Grant Hotel in
Coldwater, Michigan, which I built and traded for a gun.

Enclosed is a picture of my Walking Beam engine which I have
completed a short time ago. If you will look real close you will
see the walking beam. I have an external fire box and return flue
boiler. I carry 85 lbs. which is enough for the engine as it is
light. Notice there is a slight grade toward my workshop, when I
built the engine I pulled a friend, Jim Grealey’s Pontiac eight
up that grade and the little engine was popping off when we

The little trailer carries coal, water and tools. That is me
stoking up the fire. The only trouble I had that day was the snow
would ball up on the drive wheels.

Paul Lampe, Colon, Michigan, and I are busy building another
engine about four times bigger. It will be a two cylinder return
flue job. We are working on it at his welding shop in Colon.

I do enjoy my Hobby and enjoy reading of my friends in the
IRON-MEN ALBUM. I can hardly wait for the next edition.

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