Cranberry Lake, New York

We would present the 18 x 24 Twin Steam Engine, mentioned in our
letter of July 18th, to anyone who would want it for exhibition
purposes; but with the understanding that this Engine be accepted
‘AS IS & WHERE IS ‘. I might say that this Engine is in
a brick engine house from which the roof has largely been gone for
some time. I believe it is practically all together except for one
cylinder head which has been removed, but is there on the

This brick engine house is in a bad state of repair and there
may be some hazard in the work of removing the Engine.

Also, we are about eleven miles from the nearest railroad siding
at Newton Falls, N.Y., or about fourteen miles from the siding at
Benson Mines, N.Y. Both are on the Carthage and Adirondack Branch
of the St. Lawrence Division, New York Central Railroad.

This Engine might make very close to a minimum carload.

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