Anana Mae

By Staff
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Mrs. Anna Mae (Edward) Branyan, our Editor, Secretary, and Business Manager, is looking up somebody's record.

Anna Mae, as we generally speak of her and to her, is one of the
most versatile women of our acquaintance. She is the mother of four
wonderful children, two boys and two girls. It is a very orderly
and happy household.

You would never know how she gets all her work done but she
does. Besides doing all her own house work, Anna Mae is President
of the local P-T. A. She takes an active part in the Sunday School
and Church; greatly interested in the Civic Club of Enola. Until
recently she was local correspondent for the newspaper. She also
does typing for our Justice of the Peace.

Anna Mae is very efficient in all her work and I am sure the
ALBUM is exceedingly fortunate in securing her services.

She loves this work. Your correspondence is carefully read by
her. She may not know as much about the steam engine as you do but
with a little time she will.

We should tell you that Anna Mae’s husband is an engineer on
the Pennsylvania Railroad. He runs from Enola to Philadelphia and
New York, so Anna Mae is used to the lingo at least.

So here we go all working for a better ALBUM. ——–

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