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I was going through some old history books of Knox County, Ohio,
and happened to run across some of the biography of the first
thresher sold to Mr. Nicholas R. Darling of Knox County, Ohio. I
live in the same township that Mr. Darling was born in and used
this old Aultman-Taylor thresher. I do not know if you ever heard
of this biography or not. It is as follows:

Biography of the first Thresher sold by Aultman and Taylor Co.,
Mansfield, Ohio.

Mr. Nicholas R. Darling of Morris Township, farmer, Post Office,
Fredericktown, Ohio, was born in Wayne Township in 1830 and married
in 1864 to Margaret Ellen Bricker, who was born in Clinton Township
in 1830. An infant child was left on the porch of their home in a
basket, warmly dressed, on the morning of October 7, 1880. (a
mystery). They cared for and became attached to the child and named
it Eddie V. and were making arrangements to have it adopted when it
died January 1881.

Mr. Darling purchased the first threshing machine manufactured
by the Aultman Taylor Co., Mansfield, Ohio. They attribute much
credit to Mr. Darling for his ingenuity, skill and patience in
making many improvements so that the machine became a success. He
used this machine for fifteen years. In 1864 they made him a very
liberal donation of a new machine ….

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