By Staff


I am happy to have run across your magazine the other day. 1
used to set the American Threshermans Review as long as they were
printed. And I do miss them so much.

Perhaps this new magazine you put nut will help take their
place. T have not threshed now for quite a number of years as the.
combines have taken the place of the threshing machines. But I have
put in just 30 falls threshing. Most of that time I had my own rig.
I have run steam engines for 20 years, and Can’t get over the
longing for the feel of that old throttle, and am now trying to
find a nice old steam engine I can buy and have as a hobby. Just
made a deal for a big Nichols and Shepard steamer. But it is rather
large. So will want another.

We are having a County Fair here the 21st and 22nd of September
(1951). We are going to have a steam rig if possible at this fair
and give prizes to the old timers who can unhitch from separator
and line up in the belt and have straw coming out of the wind
stacker pipe in the least amount of time. I have seen threshers
that took as much as fifteen minutes to set. My, time used to be
from one and a half to three minutes. Depending how level or
sloping the ground was.

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