Can You Help On ‘Skinny Rooster’?

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Fattened on an Aultman-Taylor Straw Stack

Many collectors know about the ‘Skinny Rooster’ emblem
of a bird that was fattened on an Aultman-Taylor straw stack, and
we are trying to gather information for people in South Dakota.

Mrs. Irene A. Cordts, of Faulkton, South Dakota, started the
query rolling with a letter to IMA. She explained:

‘Melvin Hurd, 8202 Circle C, Buena Park, California, 90621,
nephew of a Faulkton pioneer artist, Charles T. Greener, says his
uncle designed an emblem of a ‘starved’ rooster for
Aultman-Taylor Company which was used on their tractors and
threshers in the early 1900’s…

‘South Dakota is celebrating its Centennial in 1989 and we
want to mention this emblem design among the accomplishments of our
local talented artist if we can find some verification to support
the claim.’

Hurd, the nephew, has a tie tack showing the rooster.

If you can help, write to Mrs. Cordts at Box 441, Faulkton,
South Dakota, 57438. Perhaps someone knows of the artist, or the
roosters history. South Dakota is one of four states marking 100
years in 1989; the others are Montana, North Dakota and

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