Can You Help This Man?

R.F.D. 2, Dillonvale, Ohio 43917


I am very much interested in present manufacturers of New Saw
Mills and also of parts old or antique Mills. I happened to read a
copy of Iron-Men Album recently, and it occured to me, that you
might be able to furnish me with a fairly accurate list of current
sawmill Manufacturers, and also a list of parts manufacturers for
the vintage machines, that are now obsolete. I can then post the
list on the Bulletin board and refer the inquiries to the list.

I operate a small engine powered equipment shop, and sell
Chainsaws and it seem that all the inquiries come to me.

I would certainly appreciate any help that you may be able to

Yours Sincerely, J. N. Dutton

P.S. I am informed that A new German sawmill is being currently
imported in this country. If you could furnish name of Distributor
please do so.

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