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Picture shows Bobby Miller of Rockwell, N. C. as the chief engineer of the 10 HP Frick. The straw was baled with the Ann Arbor hand tie baler.
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Shows David Fultz of Greensboro, North Carolina chugging along with this 6 HP Case engine, built by the late Gather Sherill of Troutman, N. C.
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has Robert Lyerly of Mocksville, N. C. at the throttle of this 6 HP Frick. His fan created some extra breeze here at Blowing Rock, home of the Carolina Crank-Up. These three pictures taken by Marvin Scholl.
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Bob Powell of Mocksville, N. C. is the engineer of this 20 HP Advance Rumely, Ronald and Marvin Scholl on the pitching end of that wheat. Raymond Scholl took the snap. Courtesy of Raymond Scholl, Blowing Rock, North Carolina 28605.

Scholl Blowing Rock, N. C. 28605.

Scene is a 15 HP Farquhar fired by Bobby Miller. The engine is
belted to a Moffitt sawmill. Archie Cline of Gold Hill, N. C. and
Bob Powell kept the sawdust flying during the Carolina Crank-Up.
Pictures by Donald Scholl. Courtesy of Raymond Scholl, Blowing
Rock, North Carolina 28605.

This L. G. Love of Kingsport, Tennessee, the proud owner of this
model traction engine. Raymond Corothers of Johnson City, Tennessee
is looking over and admiring this little puffer.

The 1st Annual Carolina Crank-Up was held September 24-25-26 at
Frontier Village, Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

Although rain plagued all three days of our show we still had a
good turn out. Plans are now being made for the 2nd Annual Carolina
Crank-Up, to be held September 1-2-3-4 1972.

Between rains nine acres of wheat were threshed. The McCormick
Deering separator was powered by a 20 H. P. Advance Rumely and
fired by Bob Powell of N. C. The straw was baled, with the help of
Raymond Corothers of Tenn., by a hand tie Ann Arbor Baler. Power
for the baler was supplied with a 10 H. P. Frick, Bobby Miller of
N. C. at the throttle.

During the show there were some 35 different makes of gas
engines on display and running. Although I failed to get them all,
several of the people whose engine’s were displayed were as
follows: Lloyd McGowen from S. C, Bob Hammer and R. II. Hammer Jr.,
and R. R. Varner all from N. C. Our special thanks to Bobby
Gartner, Bill Grimley and Paul Russell and wife for lending a
helping hand whenever needed.

Some extra wind was created aside that from Blowing Rock by a
Baker Fan powered by a 16 H. P. Frick. Robert Lyerly of N. C.
engineered this engine and kept it chugging. David Fultz of N. C.
kept the 6 H. P. Case going, hauled more passengers and made the
trips around our track. David was our youngest engineer on a steam
engine and really did a fine job.

The Moffitt Sawmill was powered by a 15 H. P. Farquhar return
flue and the chief fireman was again Bobby Miller. Several loads of
logs were sawed during the show. Archie Cline, N. C. and Bob Powell
kept the sawdust flying.

Sunday morning church services were held inside the auto museum.
Rev. Marvin Saunders had a very moving service which was a blessing
to all who attended.

The H. O. Gauge model railroad layout which consists of three
main lines and a trolley line was operated by Frank Bolick, Boone,
N. C. throughout the entire show. This was a special treat for the
young children.

Other events were cider making, corn meal grinding in the
village grist mill, quilting, tatting, tie embroidery, knitting,
woodworking, and blacksmithing.

Mr. L. G. Lowe and Fred Nickles from Tenn. brought a model
traction engine. They kept it puffing all three days of the show.
That little engine surprised several engineers, including Mr. Lowe,
when it was belted up to the wood saw.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rogers of Cheraw, S. C. had a nice display
of working steam models as well as numerous other items. Mr. A. T.
Adams of Boone, N. C. ran a ‘King of the Woods’ drag saw
and displayed a 1923 Dodge Paddy Wagon.

Participants in the Carolina Crank-Up received a brass plaque.
We sincerely hope that all who participated and visited our show in
1971 will return in 1972 along with many more new faces.

Carolina Crank-Up is sponsored by the entire Scholl family. We
cordially invite everyone who reads the I. M. A. and G. E. M. to
come spend some time with us during the 2nd Annual Carolina
Crank-Up and see how a Steam Show is put on ‘Southern

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