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Scene at the Central North Dakota Steam Thresher Meet, October 4th, 1959.

North Rockford, Illinois

I enclose a picture and a clipping from our weekly paper that
will give you some idea of how our first show went over. The
picture is of the 25-85 Nichols & Shepard double cylinder rear
mount you saw when you were here, pulling my 36×58 Case separator.
The crowd was so big they practically had to be pushed aside to get
the engine turned around to belt up, and when we were threshing,
the platform and coal bunkers were crowded with men and boys taking
pictures and movies or just looking, and others waiting their turn.
This engine attracted quite a little attention by the effortless
way it handled the separator.

Other engines doing threshing were my 26 hp. Advance, burning
straw; a Case 50 hp. owned by Harold Burke of Cooperstown; North
Dakota, belted to a small hand-feed; a Nichols & Shepard double
owned by John Arstad of McHenry, North Dakota. The 25-85 Nichols
& Shepard double cylinder side mount owned by C. A. Anderson of
New Rockford, and my 25-85 N&3 single were not used for
threshing, but, of course, ran in the parade. Ernest
Nohrenberg’s dandy little Case 45 was belted to the saw for a
while. Ernest is from Pingree, North Dakota. The other separator
used besides my Case and the Champion hand-feed owned by Ray
Albertson of Cogswell, North Dakota, was a dandy Advance Rumely 32
inch owned by C. A. Anderson.

Elmer Larson’s scale model Oil Pull really attracted a lot
of attention, also a dandy little model of a Case steamer by Lloyd
Koehmstedt of Overly, North Dakota, and a Minneapolis engine model
by Art Haga of Bergen, North Dakota. Mr. Haga also had a dandy 1907
Stanley Steamer and he really kept it busy. Other items were a
shock loader several Model T Ford cars and trucks, and a very old

My very good friends Norman Nelson and his brother Hartvig of
Rollag, Minnesota, operated my Advance Sunday through the parade
when they had to leave. The weatherman was very cooperative, gave
us a couple of dandy days. The previous two or three weeks had been
blustry and cold, and about three days alter the show we had a snow
storm that left drifts up to six feet high.

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