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Row of Steam Engines
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Rumely Oil Pull
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Minnesota Giant

President, 416 East Everett, Fergus Falls, Minnesota 56537

Lake Region Pioneer Threshermen’s Association will be 25
years old this Fall. In the Summer of 1954 George Melby, Kenneth
Bratvold and Ralph Melby decided to put on a threshing show. George
and Ralph had their steam engine from the days they used steam
power. Kenneth Bratvold purchased a 75 HP Case, George stacked six
stacks of grain, and on October 8,1954, the first threshing show
was on. This is our collection of operating steam engines!

35-120 Nichols & Sheperd (double)

30- 90 Huber (single)

25-75 Wood Brothers (single)

80 Case (single)

(2) 28 Minneapolis (single)

22 Keck-Gonnerman

25-75 Gaar-Scott (double)

65 Case (single)

25-85 Nichols & Shepard (single)

16 Advance (single)

25-75 Advance Rumely (single)

9 Case (single)

36-120 Rumely (double cylinder)

22 Advance (single)

32-110 Reeves (cross compound)

22 Avery (double)

19-65 Baker Road Roller (single)

12 Advance (single)

(2) 25-75 Gaar-Scott (single)

6 Case (single)

25-85 Nichols & Shepard (double)

30-100 Rumely (double)

We also have the following three rare steam engines:

12 Westinghouse (single) 12 Aultman Taylor (single) (bevel gear)
14 Minnesota Giant (chain drive)

These are shown only in our museum, which is open to the public
from June 1 through our annual show in September each year.

We have eight stationary steam engines of several makes and
models operating in our steam room.

For you gas tractor fans we also have the following:

15-25 L Rumely Oil Pull
25-45 Rumely Oil Pull
15-30 F Rumely Oil Pull
30-60 S Rumely Oil Pull
40-80 Minneapolis
Minneapolis Moline Comfort Cab
(5) Minneapolis-Moline (2U) F (2) R
5-10 Avery (Friction Drive)
10-20 Iron Mule (McCormick-Deering)
18-36 Twin City
18-36 Hart Parr
40-80 Avery
International W-12 Industrial Trac.
(2) Fordson
15 Cat
15-30 McCormick-Deering
10-20 Regular Farmall
(2) CC Case
‘B’ John Deere
40-62 Huber
Rumely 6
22-36 McCormick-Deering
12-20 Allis Chalmers
10 Ton Holt
20-35 M Rumely Oil Pull
(2) 16-30 H Rumely Oil Pull
20-40 G Rumely Oil Pull
30-60 E Rumely Oil Pull
15-30 Minneapolis Universal
Minneapolis (In-line)
Moline Universal
10-20 Townsend
27-44 Twin City
(2) 12-24 Hart Parr
(2) Silver King
25-50 Aultman Taylor
International W-30
2 Ton Cat
10-20 McCormick-Deering
F-12 Farmall
‘L’ Case
25-45 Case
GP John Deere
Rumely Do-All
F-20 Farmall
(11) Allis Chalmers (2) W-C, UC (2) C (3) B, G, U, R-C
18-30 Allis Chalmers
60 Cat

We have about 125 stationary gas engines of many different makes
and models. We will try at another time to have one of our gas
engine men write up a list of them.

Lake Region Pioneer Threshermen’s Association holds their
annual show second weekend in September each year. THE SHOW WHERE

See the following in action at our annual show: 2 sawmills
shingle mill Baker Fan Blacksmith Shop Foundry Printing Press Power
Windmill Plowing Wood Sawing Stack Threshing 99 year old hand feed
separator several miniature steam engines and gas tractors.

For the ladies we also have many things: one room school house
in session, quilting, tatting, rug weaving, butter churning,
demonstrations, homemakers show.

For the whole family in the evening we have the talent show,
queen contest, church service on Sunday morning.

Entertainment all three days on the stage in the museum
building. Food served by the churches of the area and the 4H, Best
there is!

We have much, much more for you to see, so we will see you at
our gigantic 25th show September 8,9, and 10, 1978.

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