Clarksville Steam & Gas Association Show

Clarksville Steam and Gas Association 155 W. Cross Street,
Clarksville, Michigan 48815

Well, we had our potluck dinner last night, February 20, 1996.
This was the first meeting since last fall. We got started planning
our 1996 show, committees, etc. We will feature the International
tractor and equipment this year (The Big Red). We were all
wondering what our tractors and steam engines will look like this

We had a great show in 1995, even though it was hot enough to
fry eggs on the fender or canopy of the steam engines.

We sure had a nice rounded-out showing of exhibitors and
spectators. (Our intentions are to enlarge our show grounds this
year, to make more room for everybody.) We had the big sawmill with
two steam engines for power, baling the straw from the thresher
with the stationary baler, plus many other things like tractor

We had homemade pie that was yummy good! Friday night we had
gospel singing by some of our members. They also ran two steam
engines for the spark show. Saturday night was the pig roast, plus
we had country and western singing just before the spark show on
both Friday and Saturday nights. Sunday morning was church

. . . and the little gas engine kept right on pumping water. See
you in 1996 in Clarksville, Michigan, August 16-18.

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