By Staff

How do you do. I’m Kitty, and I’m very glad to meet all
of you. I’m the new member of the family. You’ve already
read about my family, so I’ll just tell you that we’re all
fine and happy. I handle all of your mail, subscriptions, ads, etc.
now. I’m the one you write to when things aren’t right.
I’m also the one you write to when you send us those treasured
letters telling us that you like our magazine and that we’ve
done something well. I know very little about Iron Men and their
engines, but I’m learning. Our family has been to several of
the eastern reunions and we’ve found not only an interesting
hobby, but a wonderful bunch of friends, too. Many of these fine
people have gone out of their way to welcome us into the group. Mr.
and Mrs. Elmer Sheaffer of Yoe, Pa. have stopped by to see us and
helped us to become acquainted. Many others have taken time out at
the shows to stop and say Hello. We certainly appreciate it.
I’m learning a lot from your letters. I hope you’ll keep
them coming. Sometime when you don’t have anything to do, just
sit down and write me a letter. Tell me what you like and don’t
like about the Album and GEM. Tell me about your families. I
can’t get to meet all of you, but I certainly feel like I know
many of you through your letters. We’re doing a lot of
switching around of records here at the office, so if your magazine
doesn’t come through, or something else gets held up,
you’ll know why. I would like to ask all of you to use your Zip
Codes on your renewals, orders, letters, and any correspondence.
You see, we’re changing our stencils so that they will be filed
by Zip Code. If you put it on any letters, this will greatly help
us out and speed up our service to you. You know, in case you
don’t know it, I’m working for a pretty nice guy. He’s
put many years in his babies. (The Album and GEM) and it makes me
feel real good to know that you enjoy them. Many thanks for the
welcome we’ve received, and I hope we can be as good for the
Album as it has been for us. Kitty.

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