Commemoration Book For Tri-State Club

By Staff

In our Nov./Dec. 1987 issue, we wrote a story about program
books issued by clubs at show time. Frances Zollars,
Secretary/Treasurer of the Tri-State Historical Steam Engine
Association, Inc. (Charleroi, PA), wrote and sent a copy of her
club’s special publication.

‘This was our 31st annual show and we figured this would be
a good time as we entered our Fourth Decade to stop and pay tribute
to our 3 founders and others who made the Tri-State what it is

‘President, Gene Abel and I spent a lot of time compiling
the book. The hardest job was finding old pictures and facts of
historical and informative material. My father, Paul F. Crow the
sole surviving founder was Secretary for 31 years. His home holds
considerable memorabilia and I went through a lot of boxes and
books to find the material we used. Unfortunately we could not rely
on Daddy to tell us the things we wanted as he is a victim of
Alzheimer Disease.

‘The book was well received by the members and the general
public. Unfortunately, we are left with quite a large supply due to
a low attendance created by the bad weather. We have carefully
stored them and anyone wanting a book now may write me. The cost of
the book and mailing is $1.25.

‘To follow through with the theme of honoring our founders,
the club pictured the 3 men and their engines on our pins and named
them on the participant plaque.

‘The 2 Fullerton Brothers are deceased but Clark R.
Fullerton’s son, Glenn, is still an active member and 1 of the
12 Charter members still in good standing. M. Dean Fuller-ton’s
grandson, Robert Mungai, is an active member and serves as a

‘Paul Crow was at the show for a part of each day and could
be seen on his Case engine, accompanied by daughter, grandson Larry
Whaley of Indianapolis, Indiana, and two great-grandsons, Chris and
Paul. (Editor’s note: The Case engine has twice been on
IMA’s cover, most recently on the November/December 1982
issue.) ‘I shall look forward to your review of our

Another club with a ‘special edition’ this year is the
Badger Steam and Gas Engine Club, which celebrated its Silver
Jubilee (25 years) in August of this year. Verne Kindschi sent us a
copy of the book, which has a section of club history which
features 22 pages of pictures from previous shows held by the
Baraboo, Wisconsin Club.

Another commemorative item in a different form is Fred and
Brenda Nolan’s video cassette, Steam Festival, which depicts
events at the annual Douglas County Historical Steam and Gas Show
at Arcola, Illinois. Made in 1987, the tape is educational in
describing the various scenes it shows. It also captures the flavor
of the show with background music and long views of equipment in
action. Included are interviews with various engine owners and
their opinions about their equipment. Fred Nolan sells this 78
minute video in VHS or Beta format for $52.95 postpaid. Write to
him at R.R. #2, Box 178, Arcola, IL 61910.

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