Dairyland Driftings

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Here is a picture of the four Budenski brothers at West Concord, Minn. who own the farms and the engines and threshers which took part in the threshing, sawing, fan testing and plowing at the Annual Reunion of the Zumbro Valley Thresherman's Association o
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A double cylinder Geiser, manufactured by the Geiser Manufacturing Co. of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. The boiler and engine are in very good shape but the wheels were taken off and made into a road roller. I found this engine at Joe Battles saw mill near Pi

The DURWARD STEINMETZ’s from La Farge, Wis. with their
daughters JILL and PEGGY came up for a visit. Since they operate a
saw mill it was only natural that we make a trip to STANLEY
PETERSON’S Sawmill at Shell Lake. It is always interesting for
mill men to compare notes. We also visited the Wood Carving Museum
at Spooner, which depicts life sized Biblical scenes from the time
of Adam and Eve. This is an unusual display and worth seeing

We attended the ‘Early Day’ branch No. 1 Christmas party
on Dec. 7 at the Furuby Club house. It was our annual election and
Secretary-Treasurer were unanimously re-elected. BRUCE MORTENSON
was elected Vice-president. This meeting was well attended, gifts
were exchanged and treats and a good feed for all present. I still
maintain our branch can boast the best of cooks. Conrad Tritten was
kind enough to furnish us with enjoyable accordion music with folks
joining in singing.

One hardly gets familiar with the 3R’s which may be the
fundamentals of education, before ‘us Americans’ are in
pursuit of the 3 P’s namely payments, publicity and

Two Album readers have contacted me in regards to their last
’63 issue. (Nov.-Dec.) Pages 4 & 5 and 48 & 49 were
blank. Perhaps other subscribers had the same misfortune. I feel
sure such copies would be replaced as far as possible, by
contacting Anna Mae.

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