Dairyland Driftings

By Gil
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This Birdsall Portable was restored by C. E. Gilbert, Stillwater, Minn.
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Reuben Bohman, Alpha, Illinois, and Gil Johnson's 5 hp Galloway used to saw wood for '50' Case.

The golden-rod is yellow,
The grain is in the bin,
The bales are in the haymow –
It’s Reunion Time again.

Got the oat crop threshed, gave the Case ’50’ a chance
to ‘strutt her stuff while loosely belted to the 20 bar
thresher. Rickie Erickson completed the Case rig by using his 12-20
‘cross-mounted’ to haul the wood wagon and water to the
steamer. Jerry Erickson got to be engineer and was spelled off by
Harold Churchill who came up from Elmwood, Wis. with Wm. Herpst and
Homer Pence. The 2 hp Sears gas engine operated the grain elevator.
Among the visitors that drove in to witness steam-threshing were
Paul Hemp and three friends who came in a ’29 Model ‘A’
roadster and it was plenty sharp, with red trim and rumble seat.
Paul Hemp operates the Antique Vehicle Museum just west of
Rochester, Minn.

Prior to threshing time, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Bohman and
daughter, Margaret, from Alpha, Illinois, paid us a visit. With
Reuben’s help, we started my 5 hp Galloway and sawed up old
fence posts and scrap lumber for firing the Case 9’x10′.
Reuben is always good help, wish he could have stayed thru
threshing, but they had a trip scheduled. Margaret has a hobby of
raising Glads, and brought us some most unusual varieties. She has
developed a species of glads and has captured several prizes on her

I had the pleasure of meeting Homer Pence while visiting Wm.
Herpst at Elmwood. Homer has built two stationary models of steam
engines that fascinated me indeed. One a l-to-10 scale model of the
320 hp Ridgeway Corliss which provides the power for the Madsen
Lbr. & Flooring Co. mill at Spring Valley, Wis., – the other
model is of his own design and built in 1927. The workmanship
reveals a lot of care and know-how.

Had a ‘hay-day’ here the 4th of July, with pot luck
picnic. Warren Doan, Minneapolis, put on quite an exhibition
driving the Indiana tractor on the hay mower. Even the Maurer twins
from Minneapolis, Marie and Marsha, took a pass at it. Virginia
Tritten was in pursuit of 4-leaf clovers and did enjoy driving the
Massey-Harris 4 W-D. Karl Marquardt demonstrated his gas engine
Salley-Saw on an elm top. That’s some outfit, a circle saw
without a hub the stepping stone between the drag-saw and the
chain-saw. It was indeed a happy day for us, you all come


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