Data on Return Flue ‘Geiser’

Sykesville, Maryland

In regard to an article on page 33 of the Jan.-Feb. Album
written by Mr. H. H. Hetherington, 621 N. Grove, Wichita, Kansas,
concerning a return flue ‘Geiser’ traction engine, I do
have some information. I have several catalogs of Geiser engines,
threshers, and saw mills, built before the turn of the century. In
the 1897 catalog, there is shown a ‘Geiser’ return flue
traction engine which has a straw burning boiler. It says in the
description that it could be equipped with grates to burn coal if
desired. According to the description and the pictures, it is
almost exactly like the one shown in the picture on page 33 of the
Album, Jan.-Feb. 1966. I see three features which are different on
the engine shown in the ‘Album’. The smoke stake seems to
be built on the rear end of the boiler, very much like the other
makes of this type of engine. The engine shown in my catalog has
the stack right on top of the boiler. The boiler appears to be
longer to the rear also. The next feature which is different is the
fire door. The boiler in my catalog has a chute instead of a door
for use of straw as fuel, where as the engine in the
‘Album’ has a door for firing with coal. Another difference
I noticed was the steam dome on the engine in the ‘Album’
appears to be larger than the one shown in my catalog. All other
features seem to be the same. It is my opinion that the engine
shown in the ‘Album’ is either a later model or one
designed especially for burning coal and wood. My 1897
‘Geiser’ catalog is the latest one I have and it is the
only one with this type of engine listed. I hope there is yet one
in existence.

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