511 W. English, Corydon, Iowa

Dickey’s Old General Store Museum was designed to give the
younger generation an idea of what the stores were like around 1900
and to bring back memories to the older generation. The reason we
picked the years around 1900 was for the fact it could be more
authentic as a guide in setting this store up. We used a 1902 Sears
Roebuck catalogue, several old grocery store wholesale books;
hardware catalogues and old magazines of around these years. We
wanted a fair representation of all that could have been found in
an old store catering to the people of southern Iowa.

Grocery items were the hardest part to find, such as old coffee
tins, etc. Some of these were found as far away as antique shops in
New York and as close as neighbors in the next block. The grocery
part is now full and includes coffee grinder, scales,
cheese-cutter, McCaskey Register and soon will have a post office
with original boxes from the Post Office at Allerton, Iowa. On the
shelves, is a Huntley-Palmer Biscuit box which dates back to Civil
War days and looks it to, also original bars of ‘Never
Sink’ soap, plus many, many other items of this nature.

There is a clothing corner, also, containing new ladies high
lace shoes which were never sold, children shoes, mens shoes and a
pair of copper-toes shoes for a child with the date 1887 on

The guns and sporting goods corner consists of items which were
commonly sold in this part of the country. The first three models
of Daisy BB guns are displayed. The first model was made almost
entirely of Wood. Also on display, is the first model Hamilton 22
rifle which looks as if it was made of wire. Items such as loading
tools for reloading shells, Waterbury watches, razors, guns (still
in the original boxes), etc.

The iron section contains all the ordinary utensils used in the
house; apple peelers, iron kettles, coffee grinders, mat meat
grinders, flat iron, etc. Many of these items over the store are
tagged with a hardware tag showing the original price in 1902.
There is a tool section and harness repairs and the rafters also
are loaded with wooden items, tin utensils, graniteware, etc. There
are other items scattered about such as wooden scoop shovel, wooden
pitchfork, straw hat for a horse and an exploding wood splitting

This exhibit continually grows. The garage is beginning to bulge
with old Blacksmith tools, a Columbia gear-driven bicycle, farm
tools, etc. Also outside on the lawn are items such as buggies,
spring wagon, old Monitor Gas Engine and a broom making machine. We
have had much help from many people in constructing this place. We
have enjoyed this project very much. Through the summer, there is
usually one of us around to show you through on weekdays and in the
afternoon on Sundays.

Our charge is 35 adults and 15 children.

The DICKEYS say come out. We will treat you so many different
ways you will be bound to like some of them.

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