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Another issue of the ALBUM coming up and we are reminded that
two more months have slipped by. I guess that in the next two
months you will not have much time to read so let me say I wish you
all a wonderful Holiday Season.

Uncle Elmer wants me to say that he has not heard from any of
his Nephews and Nieces and therefore, he is unable to have a
‘TEEN-AGE PAGE’ this issue. I know he would be glad to hear
from you young people.

Had a wonderful time at the Ladies Night of the Early American
Steam Engine and Old Equipment Society, York County, Pa. Mr. Paul
White, R. D. 2, Felton, Pa., is the president. He and his helpers
gave us a wonderful evening. Besides a wonderful York County meal
we got acquainted with each other and had Steam Engine movies. They
say it is to be an annual affair and I shall look forward to

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