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Hi Ladies !

These beautiful days have really been wonderful, haven’t
they? Its not quite the middle of November but this week is first
we’ve come close to having a touch of cold weather here.

My old age surely has slowed up my activities. I’m just
beginning in earnest to clean house. I guess I should be ashamed to
admit it, but between the first mentioned and warm weather I
couldn’t realize time was fleeing so rapidly.

With time marching on so do our lives change making for happier,
bigger folks.

We’ve had a new grandson, (Davie’s Gilson’s brother)
since we last wrote. Haven’t seen him yet but the family is
looking forward to getting together over Thanksgiving.

Marsha has been busy practicing for the County Chorus, which
gives the Concert this next Tuesday in Carlisle. Along with this
we’ve experienced purchasing her first formal gown. These types
of activities makes us realize we are living with a young lady in
our midst.

Our Christmas Candle order just came from the Church this to
remind us that it won’t be long before you’ll hear Old
Santa’s Bells again. We all just love Christmas time in our

Elmer usually goes to our woodland and cuts Spruce to decorate
the front of the house, while we women folks do the inside. Last
year Marsha and her father went with other folks to cut a tree on a
friend’s lot. There happened to be a small pond frozen over
near by. It seemed poor Elmer had the tree to select in the end
because the girls took to ice skating.

Its beginning to buzz about here now with the orders of everyone
from Kris Kringle. The stores are putting on their Holiday
appearance . Our Gal mentioned this week about everything beginning
to look so pretty. Isn’t it fun? It has rubbed off on her and
she’s joined the rest of the family in feeling this enjoyment.
Of course our church activities aids in spreading it also.

I must stop this dreaming or we will be having Christmas before
the Day is here and no house work done at all.

Our sincere prayers for you and yours from all of us……

A most Joyous Holiday Season and the Happiest New Year.

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