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Hi Folks!

Old Man Winter is finally poking his cold head around us here.
With all the warm friendly fellowship I’ve had lately with my
steam engine friends, I haven’t minded.

Two weeks ago Mr. and Mrs. Dave Egan accompanied me to the
Kinzers Banquet in Lancaster County. The food was served family
style and simply delicious. It surely ran true to the Pennsylvania
Dutch tasty cooking and all you could eat. This, along with seeing
and visiting with friends made our evening complete.

Mrs. Dayton Nichols from New York state celebrated her birthday
there with us. I had the pleasure of she and her fine hubby
stopping with me over night Thursday on their journey down. It is
such a joy to have them.

Before this all happened, I must tell you The Egans and I took a
trip to the Western New York Gas and Steam Engine Show in
Alexandria, New York in September. It was most rewarding and
delightful. It is beautiful country plenty of activities among the
machinery and the hospitality couldn’t be beat. May I recommend
you taking in this show next year if at all possible.

By the way, we did not receive as many written reports from the
different shows as we would like. Won’t you please make someone
responsible in your organization for sending a detailed report to
us soon? We realize everyone is exhausted after the shows but we
would like the reports as soon after the Reunion as possible. We
want to let others know what each organization has and is doing at
their own particular event. Even if I do attend, it is impossible
for me to give the flavor needed, as a local individual who has the
inside track about it.

Mrs. Amos Brandt, three grandsons and I just returned last
evening from attending the Shenandoah Valley Assn. Banquet held in
Winchester, Virginia.

The Southern hospitality was shown forth there again. We had a
delicious meal Saturday evening at the motel. I was greatly
surprised and honored with a nice introduction and birthday cake
since my Anniversary fell on that day. I believe Mrs. Brandt, Mrs.
Wayne God-love and Mrs. Paul Giles were responsible for it all.
Thanks to them and anyone else who was so kind and thoughtful.

On Sunday morning, we five were invited to have a southern
breakfast with the Mr. Robert Reed’s Family. Their lovely
children helped to make our visit with them most pleasant.

We traveled from their home to fill our ‘tummies’ again
for dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Giles and their four kiddies.

Within the past year they had purchased a lovely old farm house.
Across the road from it sets a mill which will run again once a
little work is completed. It was most picturesque and beautiful
with the water running over the spill constantly. I could have
wished for nothing more, except for Elmer to have been there to
enjoy it also.

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of joining the Williams Grove
Steam Engine Group. Mr. William Strayer called and invited me up
there for a covered dish luncheon. I believe there were about 90
present. Even though the weather was miserable outdoors, it
didn’t seem to dampen the warm spirits of the jolly crowd.

It was so nice to have Mrs. William Strayer able to be present
also. She is improving and we’re all happy for her.

I learned Mr. William Berkheimer from Mechanicsburg has been
ill, but on the road to recovery. Thought some of you might want to
send him a card, if you knew this.

After reading about all these happy activities I’ve
attended, you now can understand my statement in the first
paragraph. Thank you kind folks. It has been most delightful and
good for my morale this fall.

One more thing you folks can do to make not only me happy, but
our office staff also Won’t you please try to get your renewals
back to us more promptly? If they are one day late, it means we
have to process them and send them out separately. This takes not
only more money, but time. As a result you may not get your
magazine until sometime later or lose one issue completely.
Remember we put out a magazine each month, which means when one is
completed, we must start immediately on the next one.

My office staff and I wish each and every one of you a Happy and
Prosperous New Year.

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