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Hi Ladies!

It’s a beautiful Spring morning here. Sincerely hope it is
there where you are reading this also. I mean not only by form of
weather but in your hearts and lives.

It was so nice to see many of you at the Williams Grove

We’re looking forward to the next two coming Saturday’s
to journey to Kinzer and Maryland for their ‘Steam-Ups’.
Perhaps we’ll see folks there we didn’t see at the banquet.
We hope to bring Irene, our Secretary, along to the latter one. Her
husband had planned to go along but must drive the children to
their activities that day.

We are experiencing a wonderful time at our home right now by
seeing part of our life’s dreams mature. Our daughter, Marsha,
will graduate the last Sunday of the month from college. She has
accepted a position in our own school system as librarian. This
means of course, she’ll be under our roof once more to live and
take her place in our church and community.

We had another added thrill last week by having another new
great grandchild come into our family. This time it was the first
boy thus the Ritzman name will continue. Grandpa Elmer sure spread
his proud feathers around here, telling folks about it. Certainly
can’t blame him though, do you think?

Miriam and Charles Hope from Virginia were kind enough to share
their lives with us over Easter week-end. Then they returned
yesterday again for a few hours to bring Elmer some old books for
future use in our magazines. Folks like these sure make life worth
living, and it is only through the hobby that such experiences have
been made possible.

While out on business the other day we stopped at Yoe to see
Pauline and Elmer Scheafer. We hadn’t been there too long when
Anna Brandt from Bainbridge called to discuss among other things
the motel reservations at Wauseon, Ohio, in June. The wheels of
preparations are starting to turn for the women as well as the men
for our Steam Engine Shows. Hope to see you at one of them!

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