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The change of seasons has brought a complete change here too in
our business.

I’ve relinquished my reins of the ownership and editorship
of both magazines to a fine gentleman, Mr. Gerald Lestz, from
Lancaster, Pa.

Yes, it is with mixed emotions that I write this. Another
chapter in my life’s book is closing, but not without happy and
rewarding memories. Thanks to you fine folks.

Teaching has always been my first love in working. I have only
three more years for full retirement. As much as I enjoyed my
involvement with you folks and the magazines, I know my health
could not take the strain of both jobs for that length of time.

Mr. Lestz’s experiences as a writer of books, co-editor of
newspapers, and broad interests in antiques will, I am sure, be
most enjoyable and beneficial to you folks.

Our contacts in this transition period have been amiable and
pleasant. Certainly you will grow to appreciate him as a
cooperative and understanding person.

I’ve tried to fulfill Elmer’s wishes by continuing his
project. Now that I no longer feel that I’m able to do so,
I’m sure you’ll understand. I hope to continue to ‘keep
in touch.’

Words cannot express to you my many thanks and appreciation to
each and every one for your cooperation and kindness. Being the
wonderful folks you are, I’m sure you’ll continue to share
these same feelings and gestures with our new owner, Mr. Gerald

My prayers are success to him, the Iron Men Album, and you for
many years in the future.

God Bless You All!

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