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Greetings on a snowy wintery day! We’ve been dismissed early
today because of it, so I’ve been given an opportunity to spend
some time with you.

Those new snow tread tires that I insisted my husband buy have
surely come in handy with all this snow we’ve had this

It certainly has made for beautiful scenery but Oh, the poor
folks who have to drive every day to work! I can walk to school but
our church takes us ‘out’ over the week-ends. The Sundays
which were too bad we didn’t have services. Our church
members’ homes are so scattered that it would mean a hardship
for them too.

Elmer bought me a bird feeder which we have hanging on a little
peach tree several yards from the kitchen window. It has given not
only enjoyable meals to the birds but our household a lot of
pleasure. We have been trying to invite the cardinals, which
we’ve seen in another yard some distance away, by using a large
amount of sunflower seed. As yet we haven’t been too
successful, but we haven’t given up hopes since we haven’t
had the feeder too long. We do have Juncos and Sparrows (along with
the Starlings.)

It was so nice to be remembered by many of you nice folks who
sent us Christmas Cards this Happy Season. We are sorry that it is
impossible for us to acknowledge each one personally. We do
appreciate them, and many thanks!

Please Ladies won’t you let us know what you are doing Hobby
or Work these shut-in months. Short letters concerning these things
is what we would appreciate so much having for the Ladies Page.
Anna Mae or I would be most happy to receive them.

I know you are just as busy as I, only in a different way, by
what some of you bring to the Reunions to share.

Oh, aren’t they the happy times! That is one advantage of
having half of January gone. It won’t be too long before we can
look forward to Reunions and our Fellowship.

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