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As you have read in Elmer’s column, Irene, our secretary, is
leaving us.

We have nothing but gratitude, praise and appreciation for her
work. May the Lord bless her wherever her paths in life may

Out of the 35 applicants for the job, we have chosen Mrs. Nancy
Asper from Marysville. It is just a small town a few miles up the
river. Her hubby is Assistant Cashier of the bank there. She is the
mother of 13 year old twin boys. Her reputation as a person and
worker has been very high by folks who have known her. Being the
daughter of a printer, she seems to know some of our work.

Also, we have two lovely, efficient part-time secretaries, Mrs.
Janet Hostler and Mrs. Doris Michaels. They say they will do their
best to help us until the new girl really knows all phases.
Needless to say, our Publications Manager, Anna Mae, always does a
good job.

Please be patient with us if and when our ‘shortcomings’
foul you up. Well certainly try to right all wrongs if you give us
the opportunity.

By the time you receive this, I know Christmas has probably been
wiped from your mind. Regardless, I must say how much we appreciate
all the wonderful remembrances you fine folks sent to us at this
Yuletide season. Thanks!

Even though the snow is on the ground your numerous ‘Comings
Ads’ are being sent in by mail. Let us know about them as
Spring can’t be too far away. Reunion time is just around the

Elmer has been real good this winter. He spent Christmas Eve and
Day with us at home, which made our Holiday just delightful. The
cold and snow prevented us from bringing him home again that

Elmer has had quite a few distant visitors stop at the Home to
see him this winter. He surely appreciated these meetings. If you
get the opportunity, when you’re near here, please stop in and
say Hello. The Good Man has been wonderful to us, even though the
dark shadows close in at times. He always sends the sun shining
through if we just have enough patience and faith. I sincerely hope
you can feel the same way about life.

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