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Several have written to Elmer saying they did not like to see
him out at the Corn Crib, shirt sleeves rolled up, shelling corn in
the winter.

All we can say is Elmer is no sissy he can take it.

We have had several responses to our call for material to be
used as a Woman’s Page, but not near enough to start it.

Here is a very nice item from our resident of the National
Thresherwomen, Mrs. Ralph J. Vincent, 286 Center St., Bryan, Ohio.
We hope this interesting article will be an incentive to more of
you fine ladies.

We do have a wonderful time together there and we hope this
development continues to get larger each year. Here is the article:

The National Thresherwomen sponsor a ‘Hobby Lobby’ each
year at the reunion at Montpelier, Ohio. The various church groups,
clubs and individuals bring needle work of all kinds, rugs,
jewelry, flowers, antiques, etc., and sell them at reasonable
prices. Our organization realizes 5 per cent of the sales; the
money going into a common fund to help meet expenses.

If you have an interesting hobby we would like to display it, so
write and we will do our best to accommodate you.

It is a great pleasure to tell you that Mrs. LeRoy Blaker
received an interesting letter from Mr. R. G. Pratt of Ipswich,
England. He is the Great Britain representative for the IRON-MEN
ALBUM. He states in his letter he received a request for the T.N.T.
Cookbook from Mrs. Cheffins of Lincolnshire, England. Mr. Pratt
also ordered one for Mrs. Pratt.

Since dollars are not allowed to leave England, it has been
suggested they send something for the Hobby Lobby which will be on
display there next June. Watch for it.

It just shows that hobbies make friends all over the world.

We would also be interested to hear from any one who would like
to take part in the Ladies Program. Please write us your desire as
to the type of the program you like.

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