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Hi Ladies!

Have you gotten your new Easter Bonnett yet? By the looks of the
out of doors today ‘Spring is just around the corner’. I
haven’t been out, but they say it is cold.

With all our colds, aches and pains we’ll all be glad to see
the Blue birds, this year. Oh, it really hasn’t been too bad or
serious, and we shouldn’t complain.

Elmer said this morning he is thinking of getting the Canna lily
bulbs out of storage and putting them in the basement to warm up
and get started for the Summer bloom.

He bought his new Spring Outfit this past month in the form of a
folder for the Album. It is now installed in the Basement ready to
use on this issue.

He’s like a kid with a new toy. Every spare moment he’s
down there trying to practice on it-so he says!

We have had a new addition to our family this past month. The
Dave Egan family presented our Gal, Marsha, on her 16th birthday.
Well it’s a beautiful blue and yellow Parkette. She named him
Dee Dee. Even her mother enjoys talking to him. Now father cannot
be bothered much. He wonders if he has a queer family at times when
he comes in and hears the females around here talking.

We’ve had the pleasure of the Elmer Shafers of Yoe, Pa.,
visit us unexpectedly several weeks ago and then yesterday Mr.
Monroe Swartz of Mc Alistersville, Pa., spent a short time with us.
He has built an engine that looks like a locomotive and runs on the
road at 40 miles per hour. It is always a pleasure to have our
steam engine friends stop in to see us.

Again we are appealing to the ladies to send us something for
the ladies page.

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