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Hi Ladies!

They say Spring is just around the corner but it surely
doesn’t look like it here today. We had a nice little snow
fall. The moisture it brings is quite needed so we won’t

Soon after the last magazine was mailed to you Marsha, Elmer and
I journeyed to Winston-Salem, N. Carolina. We visited with our
Steam Engine friends, The Charles Idols family.

We had a lovely time as usual. Not only did we get to see them
but they are so thoughtful that they invited other folks in to
visit, whom we have learned to know through our hobby. Mr. &
Mrs. Roy McCollum & daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Nonise McCuiston,
Mr. E. E. Bodenheimer, Mr. Bob Powell, Mr. Howard Davis, Mr. M. L.
Scholl all from the State of North Carolina came in Sunday to see

Saturday evening while there we visited again in the lovely home
of Mr. & Mrs. R. S. Morris, Sr. They are such fine folks to

My boyfriend, Elmer, seems has to cut capers in January. He did
it again the last day of the month. Thank He. ens it wasn’t
nearly so bad a time as last year. His recovery from a light heart
attack has been rapid and wonderful. Can’t keep a good man down
they say, so it goes with him thank goodness.

Now that we have the office in our Recreation Room and
activities have quieted down to a more normal rate, I think he will
enjoy the work more, It will keep him in closer touch with the
correspondence through our secretaries that they have with you.

We are happy to add to our Iron Men a new member, Mrs. Norma
Finnicum, since Kitty can no longer be one of us. She is a
railroader’s wife and a mother of two wonderful children –
Kent, 20 years of age and Marjorie, 16 years old.

We appreciate the work of our other co-worker, Irene Gertzen,
she has taken the reins in her hands and come along over here to
work with us. She is doing a fine job. Thanks.

I just can’t stand people daring me so I used my influence
to have the below printed. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Unkle John Got A Gripe

Dear Iron-Men Famlyi got a gripe whitch i gotta git outen my
sistum four i bust my biler-now this here is what are buggin me. i
bin wantin tew rite some my xpeeryents for the Album but Elmer has
gone and throwd ice kold water on my plan. He sez everthing gotta
be tipe rit four it gotes to the printer. Now that there is sumthin
i kant git threw this here not whitch I calls my hed – what in
tarnashin is the matter with the printers kant they reed ritin an
also an farther-moor he says everthing gotta bee dubble spased –
now that is jist tew mutch fur me. i wooden kno dubble spase if i
met it on the hiweigh on mundy fournune. the only spase i no
anything bout is overhed an it is jist same as always bin an here
is nother thing whitch bother mee. i liked the Album better in the
ole daze when they was no boddy on the staf but jist Elmer an Karl,
i always knowd hoo i was ritin tew but the way it is now yew got so
manny wimmin on the staf an also ladees that i never no hoo i am
ritin tewan i notis yew got a pie man on the staf now – what in
bloo blazes wood a pie man kno bout steem enjins but i aint got no
fuss wit him but i hop he rassel up a big bach of minz pies an sen
me a kupple that wood make us life long frens four at leest a
munth. well now i got it outen my sistum i gess i jist half tew
fergit bout ritin an go rite on reeden an injoyin other fellers
ritin an the best little Maggyzine what ever kum outen old Keestone
an wishin yew awl a Mary Krismus and the best knew year yew ever
had i remane yors trooly.

Moore Steem pour tew yew John Kelly, 1640 S. W. 32 Okla City
Okla 73119

P S an Pos Skrip Bet yew a pluged nickle yew wont dair print
this – J K

‘Most of us vote against people, not for people.’

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