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Hi Folks!

It has been very nice and kind of you representatives to be
cooperative in sending us your inventories. There are a few who
have not done it as yet. We need to know what you have in your
possession that we can order for your future supplies.

Mr. Dennis Sattler from 132 Camelot, Walnut Creek, California
94598 wrote and wishes to make acquaintances with a person or
persons who can help him eventually to obtain a steam traction
engine. He asks if there are any steam organizations on the West
Coast close to San Francisco Bay area that he could join. Since
I’m not familiar with that part of the country, I thought one
of you readers may help him. Please!

Eleven year old Mike Morris from Wooster, Ohio wrote the
following letter to us. I thought you’d enjoy it and also, it
gives us older folks the good feeling that our hobby surely is
going to continue for some time to come. Thanks Mike!

‘Dear Sirs:-1 am only 11 years old. I am interested in Steam
Engines and go to see them at different shows with my grandfather,
William E. Nirode. He also is a Steam Engine fan. His father owned
a couple Steam Engines during his lifetime. He ran a sawmill with
his Steam Engines as well as threshing rigs. This is how my
grandfather got interested in Steam Engines. He got me interested
in Steam Engines. I am his oldest grandson. I feel that more young
people ought to be interested in Steam Engines because we have lost
a lot of older engineers and need more to replace them, even though
Steam Engines are a big hobby. Good Luck! Keep up the good work on
the Iron-Men Album. This letter sent by Mike Morris, 1932 Blair
Blvd., Wooster, Ohio 44691.’

F. R. McElroy of Flagstaff, Arizona wrote the following with
apologies to Mother Goose. There was a man in our town And he was
rather dumb. He fired an old steam engine And got bowed to Kingdom
come! And when he saw how dumb he’d been With all his might and
main He fired the Devil’s engine and blew up ‘The Hellhound

Now for the more serious side of life, we received the article
entitled, ‘The Railway to Heaven’ I am not afraid to get on
this train, for I know the engineer. I have never seen him with my
natural eyes, but I know he is at the throttle for he has created
all things (St. John 1:3) and keeps them under his control and of
course we need a conductor on this train which is my Saviour, Jesus
Christ. We are headed for the great wedding feast that may last 7
years. (Rev. 19:9)

I would have you to know we have to have a brakeman on this
train which is the great comforter, the Holy Spirit.

Now you see we have a well organized train crew, the Trinity. We
must have a ticket to get on this sanctified train but we can’t
but a ticket. It has been offered by the grace of God free. The
ticket must be sealed by the conductors precious blood shed on
Calvary’s tree by the Lamb of God. Now I will have you to know
there are many saints on the front cars. You had better hurry and
get your ticket and mount this train or you will be in a terrible
fix like the rich man was (St. Luke 16:23-24).

This train will leave the depot soon, without any notice as the
engineer is the only one that knows the schedule of its departure.
Now you know the Holy Spirit will be leaving this world on this
train to be with the redeemed forever. Of course we have to have a
baggage car up next to the engine. Our baggage will be a pure
heart, obedience to God’s word and our prayers and devotions to
our creator. Revealed to Marian Denlinger By the Holy Spirit, 4621
– 34th Ave. N., St. Petersburg, Florida 33713.’

Didn’t you enjoy this? I surely did. If I could just
remember and apply more of this psychology to my own life I’d
be a better person. We humans forget so quickly.

We are deeply sorry to hear of Ernie, Hoffer’s heart attack
this past November. Sincerely hope he continues to improve. Best of
everything to he and his family!

Mr. Jack Thompson of 102 Britannia Street, Stratford, Ontario,
Canada has inquired if anyone knows which show has a Hart-Parr
oil-cooled tractor to exhibit? Can anyone help him out? Just drop
him a card. We’d both appreciate your efforts.

Do any of you fellows know of a company that manufactures parts
for scale model locomotives the same kind that Little Engines at
Lomita, California make? If you do, please be kind enough to send
your information to Harry Rudolph, Cardex Road, R. D. 1,
Finleyville, Pennsylvania 15332.

To the members and officers of newly formed organizations, we
will be more than happy to send the information and supplies from
our office to take subscriptions for our magazines, books, and
jewelry. You not only help us, but make a profit for yourselves or
your organizations by this manner. Please remember though, you need
to give us enough time to get all this to you by mail.

Some have written to us about this. I thought I’d better
mention that it can be done for any and all who are interested in
promoting business for yourselves and us. We’d be more than
happy to try to satisfy your needs.

The Wm. Strayer’s from Dillsburg and Elmer Scheaffer’s
from Yoe had dinner with me one Saturday evening a few weeks ago.
Needless to say, we had a delightful evening and the
‘steam’ flew.

My daughter, Marsha, has finally finished her last college
course. I had the thrill of seeing her march down the aisle with
the Master In Library Science hood over her shoulders. She has been
librarian here in our Junior High for the past three years. She
enjoys her work greatly, but is certainly happy to see these
courses come to an end. Now, she need never take another in
Pennsylvania unless she chooses.

Our first show will be in Cheraw, South Carolina. Hope to see
many of you there. Perhaps, if not at this reunion, sincerely look
forward to our paths crossing somewhere this summer.

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