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Sorry more of you could not have been with us on our excursion
from Montpelier to Detroit, Mich., and Canada – needless to say, a
delightful time was had by all!

Even though our train was about an hour late coming to pick us
up, we didn’t grow too impatient. I think it gave us a better
opportunity to get acquainted with the other 42 of us that we would
not have done so readily if we’d gone and sat on a seat in the
coach immediately.

We had our Grandson, David L. Gilson, Lodi, Ohio, with us. He
and Marsha had never experienced eating in a dining car so Mrs. Leo
Clark and I took them in and they enjoyed a sandwich and a coke at
a table.

On arriving at Detroit our guide, a very considerate, efficient,
enthusiastic and king, Mr. Welker, met us. We were taken to the
Prince Edward Hotel, Ontario, through the tunnel which went under
the Detroit River. Here each family was assigned a lovely room for
the night.

After breakfast in the Hotel we were taken by bus back to
Detroit. Because of a misunderstanding as to who had the room keys,
the Ritzman gang were the last to arrive for the bus (after being
given strict orders the night before that we must leave promptly at
9:30 a.m.!)- You should have heard the bus-load of people when we
finally made it!!!

Our driver, Mr. Dennis Parker, was a very outstanding individual
in that his work seemed to be a delight and enjoyment to him – and
thus it was to us.

Our first stop was at Greenfield Village and the Museum. Here we
were allowed to roam until 1:30. The time was all too short, of
course. There is so much to see you’d never quite see it

Since the weather was ideal for our trip it enabled us to enjoy
eating our lunch out under the trees in the Village with Mr. and
Mrs. Leo Clark of Washington, Illinois.

These two fine folks had the responsibility of helping to make
our trip so successful. We do appreciate all they did and say-Many

The tour through the Ford Motor Company was next on our agenda.
We certainly found here the true meaning of an assembly line
procedure. It was all very enlightening.

We still had time on our hands before dinner was to be served so
our friend, Mr. Parker, drove us around the city of Detroit
pointing out places of interest.

After eating dinner at the Top Hat Club in Canada we drove back
into the States again. This time it was over the Detroit River by
means of the World’s longest International Suspension Bridge
named the Ambassador Bridge.

A very tired but happy and enlightened group was glad to spend a
quiet ride back to Ohio by train.

It is hard to believe that we could have covered so much
territory and saw and heard so much in just 48 hours’ time.

For those that did not have the experience-if they ever do it
again – don’t miss it!

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