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Hi Ladies!

The middle of the summer finds us all busy as usual. I can’t
believe so much time has slipped by.

Elmer was home with us Thursday until Sunday on the Fourth
weekend. His daughter and family, the David Gilsons, from Ohio,
were here to visit. His spirits are good, but the second stroke
this spring doesn’t allow him to move about freely as he’d

We have some fine folks who are doing an excellent job in
replacing us at the reunions. For this we are most grateful. We
appreciate you looking for our representative at the shows so we
can continue to send you the magazines.

Our staff here in the office are surely doing a wonderful job in
trying to keep the magazine coming to you on time.

We are sorry some of you have become a little impatient with us
about not seeing your articles and pictures as soon as you think
they should appear. Due to so many shows and ads it just has been
impossible. We are human and we do make mistakes but it’s never
done intentionally. No monetary reward is given to a writer so
material is used as we see fit.

We wish to express our hearty appreciation to Mr. & Mrs.
William Strayer of Dillsburg, and Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Berkheimer of
Mechanicsburg, R. D.

The weather was perfect the day Strayers came to drive us over
to see the Serkheimer’s engine. It is any wonder my hubby
looked perky that day? You folks all know what the odor of smoke
can do to an engineer, along with seeing such fine craftsmanship on
the engine. It was made complete by the women having homemade ice
cream, cake and coffee ready to eat under the trees. Thanks again
to all!

May each and everyone have a wonderful summer!

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