Engine Brings Back Memories

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17424 Rock Creek Road, Nevada City, California 95959.

I thought this photo might be of interest to the readers of

I attended the steam meet at Gerber near Red Bluff, California.
When they let me crack the throttle on this old beauty, I swear a
cloak of some sixty years slipped right off my back.

Surely, I must have been hatched at the best of all times
(1910). So many of the’ ‘take for granted’ things
around us today were then in the embryonic stage and I was able to
see so many of them develop and expand.

I refer to that golden era of steam, both on the rail and in the
field, the upcoming of the auto, the telephone, radio, sliced bread
and wrapping material that you can see through(!), to name a few.
And, probably the greatest of all, picture and sound traveling
through space and coming into my living room in a square picture,
in color no less!

How much our young people have to enjoy, and how much they have
missed. I would not trade my own experience of sitting on a J.I.
Case engine running a Red River separator on a 90 degree day for a
trip to the moon! I think I must have been about six years old.

Hope you enjoy the picture.

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