Farewell to Steam …

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Two new 1600hp Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Diesel locomotives to replace steam power for Rayonier Logging Co., Grays Harbor, Washington.
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No. 90. 2-8-2 Baldwin. Serial 59071, built 1926. Weight 185,000 lbs. Tractive effort 35,700 lbs. 48' drivers. 20' x 28'cyl. 180psi.
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No. 38, 2-6-6-2 Baldwin Mallet, serial 61781, built 1934. Weight 293,000 pounds. Tractive effort 59,600 lbs. 51' drivers, 20' x 31' x 28' cylinders. 225psi. This engine is hot.

Peshastin, Washington

On March 30, 1962, my wife and I went to the dedication Ceremony
marking the change-over of Rayonier Grays Harbor logging operations
from steam to Diesel locomotives.

The Company has eight steam locomotives. Two were in

No. 90, 2-8-2 Baldwin Mallet, built in 1926. Wt. 185,000 lbs.
Tractive effort 35,700 lbs. 48′ drivers, 20′ x 28′ Cyl.

No. 38, 2-6-6-2 Baldwin Mallet, Built 1934. Wt. 293,000 lbs.
Tractive effort 59,600 lbs. 51′ drivers, 20’x 31’x
28’cyl. 225psi.

No. 90 came in first with her train of logs and they held her
funeral services. She was then uncoupled and switched to a

A brand new 1600 H.P. Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Diesel loco coupled
up to the train of logs and took it on from there.

No. 38 came in a half hour later with fifty cars of logs. They
also held services for her. She was then switched to the siding
behind No. 90. The second big Diesel was coupled to the fifty cars
of logs and moved out down the track with very little effort.

When the steam engines pulled in, there was a lot of clapping.
When they dedicated the two new Diesels and unveiled their numbers
90 and 35 everyone was quiet, not due to disrespect for the
Diesels, but all Rail buffs, Steam engineers, and Steam fans were
pretty low about then.

No. 90 coupled to No. 38 with a blast from the whistle, and
pulled No. 38 to the railroad camp.

They were both cleaned and newly painted and they made a
beautiful sight on their last run. If they are not sold to Railroad
clubs or Historical Societies, they will go for scrap.

We went to the railroad camp and saw the other six engines, all
different and had free lunch.

Thanks to the Rayonier Co. for a good time I will never

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