Fifth Annual Show Report

RD 2, Zeeland, Michigan 49464

July 2 was the big day for the 5th Annual Steam and Gas-up of
the Riverbend Steam and Gas Ass’n. of Allendale, Michigan. The
weather man promised good weather and everybody was full of
enthusiasm. We had waited for this day since 1972. The machinery
started to come early in the day, but as the day progressed the sky
started to darken a bit, and in the afternoon as the barley was
being loaded; sure enough it started to rain, but we did manage to
get 2 loads under cover.

July 3 started out on the damp order, but by noon or a little
later it dried off and the Show was on the road. There was
threshing, baling, lumber sawing, shingle making, flour making and
bean threshing. By the way the bean thresher was powered by a
horsepower sweep.

One hitch developed when one of the old steamers sprung a leak.
She was shut down and drained, and when it had cooled off it was
repaired and soon was back on the job again. It was an
‘Advance-Rumley’ owned by member Jay Bowers. Member John
Huitema was on the job with his 30-50 Oil Pull running a Red River
thresher. Member Bud Rosema had his 15-30 Oil Pull on the Baker
Fan, while member Gordon Stroven had his 20-40 Oil Pull on the saw
mill. Member Tom Rosema had his 7 H.P. Economy Engine on the
Shingle Mill, while member Sharon Schut had his 6 H.P. Screen
cooled Int. on his hand feed Sterling thresher (Vintage 1900).
Tom’s Int. Titan was on an old feed and hand tie baler owned by
member Claude Scholma and son Lee.

Some of the old tractors present were: Cross Engine Case 12-27,
Cross engine Minn. Moline 22-44, also D John Deere 1923, and about
15 more of misc. makes. Among the gas engines to name a few were: 8
H.P. Galloway, 15 H.P. Fairbanks, 1 H.P. Stover, 1 H.P. Mogul, 2
H.P. Stover, 4 H.P. Stover, 8 H.P. Stover, 3 H.P. Ideal, 6 H.P.
Int. 7 H.P. Economy, 2 H.P. Upright Fairbanks, 3 H.P. Int. and a
1-1/2 H.P. Int.

On July 4th there was a big parade, and then a full day of
threshing, baling, sawing lumber, making shingles, and making
flour. There never was a let up in the activity. The ladies from
the area churches made and sold the food and it was delicious.

Many thanks to all who helped make the show a success. Thanks to
the many visitors who came to look and then stayed to visit a
while. Needless to say everybody is looking forward to 1974 and we
hope for a bigger and better show.

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