Charleroi, Pennsylvania

Something new for Western Pennsylvania, in the way of
exhibitions, was recently introduced at a fair held August 23, 24,
25, 1956.

Three large steam traction engines were shown and operated for
the benefit of hundreds of spectators who attended the Tenth Annual
Hookstown Grange Fair, Beaver County (Pa.)

This was an attempt by steam engine enthusiasts to, perhaps,
initiate a custom which is quite common each year in several other
states as well as eastern Pennsylvania.

Through the efforts of C. R. Fullerton, Burgettstown, Pa., and
associates arrangements were made and an attractive three-day
program of steam engine events was added to the regular fair
program. While the results were small, as compared with similar
events in other areas of the country, it is hoped that a
satisfactory start has been made for bigger and better events in
the future.

A fan, furnished by Mr. Fullerton. provided belt work for the
engines and they demonstrated their drawbar power by easily pulling
the weights used for steam and tractor-pulling contests. As a final
feature, the engines were shown in a parade with modern tractors
and equipment.

To add to the interest, several small stationary steam engines
were operated from power provided by the large boilers.

Exhibitors of engines were: C. R. Fullerton with his 19-65 Port
Huron; Dean Fullerton with his 16 Huber and your writer with his 50

The major part of the hauling of these engines was done through
the courtesy of Patterson Construction Co., Monongahela, Pa., and
Mr. Oscar Crow.

In closing, we hope you will hear more from us next year.

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